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Do’s and Don’ts for building Better Android Apps.

Building Apps is creative and Fun! But building better apps is hard, incredibly hard bcz apps are not simple series of HTML pages. There is no doubt that Androidecosystem has been trending everywhere. This means it’s the perfect time to start career as Android Developer. The Future indeed looks very exciting.
If you’re career path is towards Android, here are a set of guidelines (Do’s and Donts) for building Better Android Apps.
DO’s :
  • Use Android Studio as it was built to make app creation much easier.



  • Always Remember to create Re-usable UI elements thinking which elements are going to be reused and need to be saved separately. So it makes the rest of the redevelopment easy and fast.
  • Use Integrate security plugins as security is the most important aspect of app development.


  • Dive into the documents deeper, which helps you innovate the ways you never thought possible and will improve your skills as well as youe career prospects.
So far, we have known what to do in building a better app. Now, lets see what not to do. As both are equally important.
  • Never perform file operations in the UI thread as it causes UI to hang or simply crash.


  • If you Add entire Google play library to your project app, that might make your life easier But, your app size will swell for no reason.


  • Dont oveload your app with ads, instead provide high-quality apps to build a following.
  • Do not experiment with visual elements, Keep things simple and follow the material guidelines of UX principles.
  • There is a danger underneath, if you use libraries with too many methods. Then look which parts of the code are bloated and remove it.


  • Finally, Don‘t let the complex landscape of your app development bring you down.


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We hope this article use full for building a better App  in the internet world

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