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Ways to increase your Facebook posts Reach.

As a social media marketer, You need to know the ways to increase your Facebook posts reach! It can build or ruin a brand overnight as over a million of views are attracted for whatever you display over the net. This has proven the power of social media. So, Lets talk about one thing that fuels the online marketing, which is Traffic. Without it, you can’t simply make a way in the Digital World. Search traffic is now more competitive than ever. In almost every case, Facebook dominates in all cases of search engines to reach a large and relevant audience.

Here are A few ways to increase your Facebook posts Reach

#First of all Create an optimized Facebook page.


#Share the Best content and maintain the quality of your content. The moment you stop producing new content, the moment you start losing to competitors. Give people a reason to like your page. When you produce so much remarkable content for Facebook, achieving success on the platform becomes easier.


#Drive traffic from website to Facebook Page, The majority of people who visit website use Facebook. By giving them the oppurtunity to further connect with business on Facebook, we’ll have a higher chance of converting them into customers.


#We can Engage Facebook page through advertising, specifically targeting a specific location. Though ads might be too expensive, these provide you with a strong marketing foothold.


#Integrate social media sharing everywhere, It is the most powerful form of marketing the world has ever seen.


#Engagement is an important metric to watch when doing any form of digital marketing. Post images, videos on facebook and engage with people on facebook community and other pages as users follow a lot of brands, celebrities and when you add that to the updates, it makes extremely difficult to keep their attention to your business for a long time.


#Take advantage of your Facebook cover photo to convey a strong marketing message.


#Pinning a post is another way to display something you want first-time visitors to see. You can also pin a post because you want everyone to see it.


#Replying to comments is one of the most important things in business– if not the most important! Top brands like Walmart, Nike, Zappos employ social media managers to respond to comments that are being posted on their Facebook pages. It’s because they know the importance of responding to those comments.


Feedback is valuable, So Use Facebook Insights to improve engagement.


1.Likes reveals the total number of people who have liked your page within a specific time range and also where the like happened (i.e. on page, page suggestions, mobile, desktop, etc.) You can also see a breakdown of paid vs. organic likes, as well as how many people “unliked” your page.

2.Reach is an important metric because it tells you how many people have seen your posts. You can also see some positive engagement metrics, such as likes, comments, and shares.

3.Visits gives you a breakdown of which pages (tabs) were visited (i.e. timeline, likes tab, custom tabs, etc.) and also which referring sites (external) brought people to your Facebook page.

4.Posts analyzes your content based on post type, targeting, total reach, time of day, and engagement.

5.People shows you the demographics of your fan base. You can see things like gender, location, language, and compare people reached versus people engaged.

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